Government drawing up new energy mix

The government will not touch most of the coal-fired power projects in the pipeline as it plans to determine the appropriate energy mix policy, a ranking government official said yesterday.

The government recognizes the need to consult with power industry players over a clear fuel mix policy and the country’s need for a reliable power supply, Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez said during the BusinessWorld Economic Forum yesterday.

“There has to be an energy mix policy, but at the moment we will proceed with what we have already in the pipeline so we will not stop everything. (It will) require a lot of consultation from both the entity that will provide (electricity supply) as well as people that are using it,” he said.

Consultations will allow government to point out “all the pluses and minuses” for the energy mix policy, Dominguez said.

Recent reports said Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Secretary Regina Lopez said her office would prioritize giving necessary permits to renewable energy (RE) power plants over fossil fuels like coal.

 Currently, more than half of the country’s power supply comes from coal-fired and diesel-fired power plants, 30 percent from natural gas plants and 10 percent from renewable sources that include geothermal, wind, hydropower and solar.
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