Forecast for power demand raised to 30,189 MW

THE DEPARTMENT of Energy (DoE) expects the country’s demand for electricity in 2030 to reach 30,189 megawatts (MW), or nearly 70% more than the current dependable capacity being supplied by the country’s existing power plants.

“From here on until 2030, we will be needing something like 30,000 megawatts,” Energy Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi told reporters after a Senate hearing on Wednesday that discussed, among others, the Philippine Energy Plan for 2016-2030. “We need to add around 1,100 MW per year, roughly that’s the number,” he added.

The country has an existing dependable capacity of 17,925 MW, while a number of ongoing projects have committed to deliver 6,178 MW.

“Baseload is the foundation,” Mr. Cusi said, citing figures that showed 73% of the committed projects and nearly 84% of the required capacity to be coming from reliable power resources that include coal-fired power plants, geothermal facilities, biomass and nuclear, which has now become an option.

He said the rest will be coming from mid-merit plants, which are able to adjust their electricity output as demand varies throughout the day, and peaking plants, which can be run when there is high demand.

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