Govt set to limit renewable energy plants per power grid

The Energy Department may limit the exposure of renewable energy sources in areas where there are transmission line constraints, an official said over the weekend.

Energy assistant director Mario Marasigan told reporters at the sidelines of the recently-concluded Solar Summit the department was trying to avoid duplicating the situation in Negros island where there was too much solar concentration in one area.

“What we are looking at is we will set a certain percentage on a per grid segment, then we will limit what the line can accommodate,” Marasigan said.

“We are coming up with a policy. Part of the policy is, we will look at where demand for solar is, it should be the daytime demand. For wind, it should be in accordance with its generation profile. Second… is the capacity of the line to accept, transmit generated power per location,” Marasigan said.

Read more here.


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