NGCP moves to improve RE integration

NATIONAL GRID Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) said on Friday that it had set up a “comprehensive program” to ensure its capability to take in renewable energy (RE) power sources into the grid.

“Because of the intermittent nature of some renewable energy sources, particularly solar and wind, balancing the system’s supply and demand becomes challenging. We took the initiative to set integration standards to avoid compromising the integrity of the grid,” the grid operator said in a statement.

It said an renewable energy integration standards have been set up to allow the smooth access for renewable energy plants. It has also proposed the “variable renewable energy content” in the Philippine Grid Code, which it said was approved by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC).

NGCP also said it had done a system impact study to assess the best possible configuration and grid entry points for clean energy projects.

Separately, the National Electrification Administration (NEA) said it had opened a loan window for the renewable energy projects of electric cooperatives (ECs) to encourage clean energy ventures.

The loan window aims to finance the capital requirement of cooperatives and to cover the repair and rehabiltation of existing renewable energy projects.

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