Senate panel drafting rules to standardize competitive selection in power contracts

THE SENATE committee on energy will be inviting the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) in coming up with a legislated process that will ensure fairness and transparency in forging power supply contracts, its chairman said.

“We will invite the ERC to make sure that it will be complementary,” said Senator Sherwin T. Gatchalian, who chairs the panel.

“It will be complementary,” he added, when asked about how a legislated competitive selection process (CSP) will go with a similar mechanism issued by the ERC last year.

“We’ll make sure that the law is broad. It covers the necessary framework, but the details… the ERC will put that in place,” he said.

The legislated CSP will have some flexibility to ensure that should a new technology or mechanism be introduced, the rules can be adjusted, Mr. Gatchalian said.

He said the legislated selection mechanism will designate “an independent auctioneer or an independent entity that will make sure that the process is fair and transparent.”

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