Wesley Walter T. Quesang, Chief Technical Officer

Chief Technical Officer

Wesley was a management consultant for a technical services advisory firm in connection with the development of various solar farms in the Philippines. Now he specializes in renewable energy systems.  As an engineer and a commercial advisor, Wesley brings a unique perspective to project development, merging financial and technical expertise to determine not only a project’s feasibility but also its bankability.  His principal focus is on infrastructure design and technical risk management and advises on these aspects of project planning and strategy.

Described as “an innovator” who works with “meticulous attention to detail”, Wesley inspires in his clients a confidence in their technology and in the financial results that stem from sound technical analysis.

Wesley has a Masters degree in Business Administration from the Asian Institute of Management, a certificate in Behavioral Finance, Economics, and Marketing from Yale University (USA), and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Santo Tomas.

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